The Party 5 Report - 26 December

On a beautiful Boxing Day morning Jarno "Guru" Paananen (Sahara Surfers) arrived at my place. It was about 10 degrees below freezing and it was half past five. Jarno had managed to kick his dad up so their car wasn't stuck in the cold after the bus left.

Hannu "Azure" Koivisto (Prime) and Riku "Matrix" Aakkula (Prime) are already wide awake despite the hour. They are even looking pretty cheery.

Jarno is packing the bus. He is not as awake as Hannu and Riku are. He still manages to put his bag in the correct bus.

Speaking of being awake... This is amazing! I have never seen Jussi "{[o_o]}" Lahdenniemi (Virtual Visions) like this before - or after.

Hannu looks pretty charming. He has obviously spent a lot of time brushing his teeth far too early in the morning. Or then he is one of those crazy who did not even bother going to sleep. Admittedly that is a solution too.

Jarno and Tero "Codex" Pulkkinen (Paranoids) start coding immediately. The 90 MHz Pentium has been stolen from Nokia Research Center. Riku claims that the 'puter is the one which was stolen from PC Superstore, but that is not true.

Tampere is behind, Turku ahead. Most people start falling asleep again, but Hannu stays up and chats with the few who are awake (one of which is hopefully the driver).

Riku - our almighty trip organizer - looks upon us mortals from his insurmountable heights.

Tero and Jarno watch demos. Little Green Men (Kosmic Free Music Foundation) is the number one production at the present. Or, to be exact, the song is perfect, the code is funny, buggy and stabile, and the outcome is something which will cause nostalgic feelings in the future.

Jarno does not like the idea of me photographing him all the time. Riku is probably watching Little Green Men. The other possible interpretations of this photo do not come into my mind.

Suvi "Sunnu" Melakoski (Prime) explains party-trip rules to Prime members.

More female trip-goers: Sanna-Mari Salomäki, Riku's companion. Obviously bored or something. Or just does not want to be photographed with no make-up.

We manage to get to the ship. Jussi takes everything out of the opportunity to sleep. Someone might say he does it with finesse. Too bad his expression is not visible, we might be able to analyse his dreams.

Tero is not sleeping, he is laughing. He laughs at the idea of seeing himself in the photos (I guess). Or he laughs at the 12 minute compile time of his vector routine on the P90 stolen from NRC. Or at the new Sahara Surfers game, S.M.A.S.H the Beast. Or...

Otto "OC(oke)" Chrons (Virtual Visions) at his best.

Tero fixes his vector routine, now his SetModeX sets the display mode to 240, not 480, high :)

Or is it optimizing for compile time after all? Who knows?

Meanwhile, Suvi is partying ahead of time with couple of her friends. Suvi, of course, is not visible, as she is holding the camera.

In this photo Mira "Irrette" Melakoski (Virtual Visions) is thinking.

If you want to share your opinion on what she is thinking about, mail Jarno.

Aren't they cute?

Jussi is dreaming of a cold Coke. The face!

The sisters Melakoski in a group portrait. Choose yours, both are reserved.

Suvi is concentrating.

Miranda is taking over, Otto is thinking about escape.

So sweet. I wonder why I am taking these photos.

Tero is cute when he is sleeping.

I suppose this is Riku who has suddenly fallen asleep. On the floor.

Of all the people who are cute asleep, Suvi is about the cutest. Join the Sunnu-fan club!

Sanna is not as cute, but ranks quite high too (IMHO).

Somebody is sleeping.

Someone else is sleeping, too.

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