The Party 5 Report - 27 December 1995

27 December 1995

The happy sleepers.

((C)opyright 1995 Suvi Melakoski)

We are in Denmark now. Our audio has just burned and crashed. The driver is doing his best (which is not enough) to get sound again. He is irritable and does not want to get photographed. Maybe the fact that the bus is about a week old and is pretty expensive has something to do with it.

We are approaching the "reception" and preparing for a long wait...

...which will be boring...

...but luckily there is something for the eyes. (Note the sign at the top left :))

After getting in we decide to dump our stuff in the sleeping hall, hoping it is relatively safe. The room is pretty empty right now, only Hannu, Jussi "JayJay" Moisio (Prime) and Jarno stand there wondering what to do with their belongings. Emptiness is only temporary, though.

Cleopatra "Cleo" von Nääsville (Sahara Surfers) has stayed up too long, and decides to take a nap. She figures that the best place to do so is in Teemu's sleeping bag.

Sami "Kraku" Koistinen (Mass) and Tero share a charming smile. They are obviously having a party time.

Tero is flying across the party hall, spreading Paranoids flyers.

Jarno is not sleeping. He is just his abnormal self.

Someone who I don't know has his stupid computer stupidly open. I hate people who think their over-clocked machines run too hot to keep open at the parties.

People are still coming in. And we thought we were the last. Well, not our problem. Our problem is that of getting food, but we will have to return to get our overcoats. Amazing enough, it can be cold outside in Denmark, deep south as it lies.

While searching for our coats we notice that the Coma crew have put up their stupid poster upside down...

The graffiti wall is already crowded, and it is only the first night.

The Danes have some weird looking traffic signs...

...but very good looking cashiers (Jutta) at their McDonalds's, so I guess they are pretty good folk after all.

The fish on the note is a positive thingy.

Danish McDonalds's allow very odd people inside (Jarno, again).

Outside the local food providing enterprise we meet Prime Premium (CNCD). He looks tired. It must be too much partying...

Prime Premium and Guru exchange a few words before we continue our separate paths into the great unknown.

The great unknown is more familiar than one might think.

The ways of a girl shopping trolley (red) and a boy shopping trolley (blue) have separated. We hope that it is not permanent.

This photo is (C)opyright Suvi Melakoski, and I do not know when it has been taken. Blame someone else.

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