The Party 5 Report - 28 December 1995

Only losers drink Pepsi! Only losers keep their 'puters open!

Rage have mistaken the point of being in Denmark.

Christmas is not very far behind.

In this picture you can see the (in)famous Grendel of Byterapers.

The nth photo of Tero.

Suvi, Cleo and Antti all give their best smile to the camera.

"JHL" (Complex) and "Alien" (Virtual Dreams of Fairlight) (with his back to the camera).

Four computers and four users :)

Här säljer man warez...

Famous scene people: Jukka "Jugi" Kaartinen (Complex).

Famous scene people: Mikko "Yolk" Karvonen (Parallax) (asleep (sunbathing)).

Famous scene people: "Destop" (CNCD) (smoking).

Sami is getting arrested by Jarno. ("This finger on your forehead is a gun.")

Sami gets out of jail, but is in bad mood.

JHL, alone.

Famous (irc-)scene people: "Liket" (Goto 10).

Famous scene people: Jarno Petteri "Jmagic" Heikkinen (Complex).

Cleo has consumed too substantial amounts of Vichy Novelle (Hartwall) and has decided to rest her eyes a bit.

Famous scene people: Desmond "Simm" Germans (Analogue).

Famous scene people: Suvi "Sunnu" Melakoski (Prime). (For some unknown reason Suvi did not want this photo to be published.)

Unknown scene person.

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