The Party 5 Report - 29 December 1995

Riku has finally found his way to the party place, after drinking one beer too many in at least two different cities. He stays at the party for 30 minutes and retires to his hotel room. Our trip organizer is great and beloved.

Art is being created. Too many nights have been left unslept.

Mail your opinion on the gender of the person partially visible to Jarno.

Art is completed.



Riku has become under influence of those beers.

Somehow it seems that Suvi and I manage to burn film at the same times. Sanna, the victim.

The party is beginning to end. Shopping trolleys rule ok.

Riku (not in the photo) might have a problem. I'm not sure. Consult Sanna-Mari Salomäki (in the photo).

Chairs make interesting artifacts...

...which are amazingly stabile.

This photo presents JCAB and Jare (Iguana).

I'm definitely not drunk. I'm even drinking Coke! Otto might be slightly under influence...

((C)opyright 1995 Jarno Paananen)

...I am just tired. The best solution for that is to sleep, somewhere (in Suvi "Sunnu" Melakoski's (Prime) lap this time (Cleo is also enjoying)). (Note the extatic smile...)

((C)opyright 1995 Jarno Paananen)

Riku and Sanna are continuing their problem, this time with a knife.

((C)opyright 1995 Jarno Paananen)

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