The Party 5 Report - 30 December 1995

@-cafe, which is closed on Mondays.

This is Timo "Tsunami" Aila. I don't believe it either. Nobody does.

"Rubbersquare" (Jamm) looks almost equally tired.

The second best picture taken on the trip. Starring Tero "Codex" Pulkkinen (Paranoids).

This shot is definitely the best one on this trip.

Jarno hasn't shaved on the trip either, but he still looks better than Tero.

I have no idea whatsoever who this guy is, nor why I took this photo.

And we are finally (almost) back home. Only the ever so stressful return journey is left...

((C)opyright 1995 Suvi Melakoski)

Meanwhile, at a neighbouring table...

((C)opyright 1995 Suvi Melakoski)

And, in yet another neighbouring table, we find - Grendel of Byterapers (with the same extensions as before, too).

((C)opyright 1995 Suvi Melakoski)

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