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Sahara Surfers (abbreviated S2) is a group. Originally a demogroup maybe, nowadays just a group of friends, each with their own projects and ambitions. We meet both virtually in IRC, and occasionally in real life too, plan big things, drink beer, visit demoparties, and even sometimes manage to get some projects started.

Before S2

The history of Sahara Surfers goes way back 1990 when the founding members me (Guru) and Stratos met eachother while forming a group at the time called Xenon Projects Inc. which was quickly changed to Parallax (yes, the very same that nowadays rules the Amiga demoscene).

Our history in Parallax included a couple of intros, namely a sinedot intro and meeting-intro called "Phonebill", both with coding by me and audiovisuals by Stratos. This teamwork also continued seamlessly though the years.

After the one and only party arranged by Society in Kajaani in the summer 1991 Parallax joined its forces with some of our friends to form a group maybe too perfect at its time, Decept. This group consisted of many people later found to be very talented like Groo and Dizzy. Our effort in this was the only bigger (not too big though) production, Out of Time -dentro, for the group before it split, partly due to our departure to Complex in fall 1991.

In Complex we managed to put together a weekend intro for the new year 1992 and a truely ingenious game, S.M.A.S.H. the Beast. Also a never-to-be-completed trackmo was planned at the time.

Still, even in this also at the time great group (nowadays everyone is worshipping Complex, especially in the PC scene), we felt it was not the right place for naturally lazy people like us. The final drop to left Complex was the trackmo-project which was pressured too much on us by the swappers and traders of the group. And so we left.

The name and founding idea of Sahara Surfers had been in our minds for some time already. The idea of a group where we could do what ever we wanted to and with no one pressuring us felt so tempting that leaving a group with name like Complex didn't matter too much. At the time we both had been in contact with the scene for years and status didn't mean so much to us anymore, although we had gained quite a bit of it already. Anyway, leaving Complex and founding Sahara Surfers was done during one single phone call.

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