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Teemu Kalvas

  • a.k.a. Cliini, Chery, Switch
  • Programming, heavy IRCing
  • Hacking special purpose languages for Noitatieto.
  • chery@s2.org

Teemu graduated and is not exactly sure if the real world is such a good idea after all. Even sport activities have diminished after leaving the university. As long as there are theoretical jobs with real pay, he's not complaining though.

Petteri Kangaslampi


Petteri is the main architect of Housemarque Audio System, as well as a writer of too many smaller programs. He recently graduated from Tampere University of Technology, and is not entirely sure if he should do something because of that. Petteri is also the designer of the S2 web pages, blame him for the ugly colors and boring layout.

Janne Oksanen


Our long inactive graphics and music master. He should be doing some nice graphics here as well (hint, hint :) Little is known about his past few years, but the gory details will be revealed in the near future...

Jarno Paananen

  • a.k.a. Guru, GCoke
  • Programming, IRC, Unix administration
  • Hacking stuff for AMD.
  • jpaana@iki.fi

Our resident Unix-guru and mad coder. Jarno is the other half of the Housemarque Audio System team, an experienced Linux-hacker, and the maintainer of kalahari, our central network server. Jarno is also studying at Tampere University of Technology.

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