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Housemarque Audio System

Note! Housemarque Audio System hasn't been updated for many years, and is no longer in development. Using the library for new projects is not recommended, since it may not work with modern tools without fixes, and licensing can be a problem. These web pages will be kept on-line for reference purposes.

Expecting something else?
Our music and audio system has been renamed to Housemarque Audio System due to trademark issues. The old web pages are off-line, pending a more thorough update. For the time being, this page contains basic information on the system. Please update all web pages and other material to use the new name and new web site address,

Housemarque Audio System is a multichannel digital sound and music system, designed mainly for use in games, demos, and other realtime multimedia applications. HMQ Audio is free for non-commercial usage, but licenses for commercial use are also available.


The system supports 32-bit MS-DOS, Windows NT/95 and Linux platforms, using Watcom C/C++ (MS-DOS and Win32), Visual C/C++ (Win32) and GNU C/C++ (MS-DOS, Linux). In addition, the Windows version supports all DLL-capable languages such as Borland Delphi. Under MS-DOS, the system supports Sound Blaster (1.0 through SB16 and AWE32), Gravis UltraSound, Pro Audio Spectrum and Windows Sound System sound cards. Under Linux and Windows any card supported by the system can be used.

HMQ Audio supports music playback using FastTracker 2 (.XM), Scream Tracker 3 (.S3M) and Protracker (.MOD) modules. Some Limited Impulse Tracker (.IT) support is also available. Additionally, the system can play individual samples and sound streams in uncompressed 8- and 16-bit, µ-law and ADPCM formats, in both mono and stereo.


The latest Housemarque Audio System releases are available for download here. The system is distributed under the terms specified in the Housemarque Digital Audio System License, and may not be used for commercial purposes as such. Commercial licenses are available from Housemarque Inc.

  • Release 1.1.2 (1 Feb 1998): Standard distribution package, additional source code package. Some additional tools are available here.
  • Patch from 1.1.2 to current 1.1 head (17 March 2004): Patch file. The patch contains a fix for the thread setup code on current libc versions, and structure packing fixes that make the code work on current GCC versions. Recommended for Linux users, not important to others.
  • Release 0.7 beta 1 (29 Mar 1997): Obsolete, MS-DOS only beta release with Gravis UltraSound GF1 hardware mixing support. Not recommended for new developers. Full package, with source code.
  • Release 0.40 (28 Apr 1995): Obsolete, 16-bit MS-DOS only release, supports Borland Pascal 7, Borland C/C++ 3.1, and Turbo Assembler 4.0. Not recommended for new developers. Full package, with source code

More information

More information is available at Housemarque's Housemarque audio web pages.

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